serving customers since 1994

Managing fall hazards and planning emergency procedures is our focus. The Response Group Inc. was formed in 1994 in an attempt to consolidate the efforts of a variety of established professionals striving to address these concerns.



dave mccashin, bsc. hons


Dave is personally involved with all programs, and guarantees quality, effectiveness and value. He has been conducting safety training programs over the past 25 years and understands the needs of the customer. He is a member of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, a group which develops rope rescue standards that are recognized worldwide. Dave draws on the experience of affiliations with several manufacturers, safety professionals, government representatives, engineers and trade unions.

Lorna tower.JPG

lorna price, bsc.


Lorna teaches all courses that are offered by the company.  She is an ironworker by trade and has been a rescue team leader for over a decade.  As well as providing training, she designs programs, writes and edits manuals and creates fall protection and rescue plans for our customers.

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tara mccashin, M.Arch


Tara is a full-time Intern Architect registered with the Alberta Association of Architects. In addition to her regular work, she is in the process of re-vamping the graphic design for The Response Group's website, training manuals, and marketing material. She is also working with Dave, to develop standards for intelligent building design, to improve building maintenance and worker safety from the outset.


industry experts

Over the last 25 years, The Response Group has built relationships with a multitude of industry specialists.  Understanding the subtleties of each industry is critical to ensure that workers have a stake in the process.  These subcontractors are required to meet the same high standards as company employees and are audited to ensure standards are maintained.

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mountain specialists

Any work that is in conducted in a mountain environment in Alberta and British Columbia must supervised by a member of The Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.  This work encompasses worksite safety, avalanche control and operations conducted near cliff faces and in hazardous mountain environments.  The company retain the services of several ACMG specialists.